NFL Football Lines

 Welcome to the, the network to bring you the best betting lines on NFL football games. Below you will find the latest lines on the NFL games and even further you can learn more about the NFL football lines and why they differ so much from the rest of the betting odds you may find online. Why have we done this? Believe it or not, at any given time there is a sportsbook which offers great value on NFL football lines on a specific game, while the rest of the odds makers would pay a fraction of the line. A wise football bettor will always compare the NFL football lines across a few of the most popular online sportsbooks in order to maximize the value of the bet.              

 With our NFL Football Lines you can compare the betting lines offered by multiple online sportsbooks on the upcoming professional football games. Here are the latest NFL football lines:


NFL Football Lines by Sportsbook



NY Jets
+3-125, o35-110  +3-125, o35-110, 
+3-120, o34-110  
New England
NY Giants
+2-110, o36-110  
+2-110, o33-110  
+3-120, o34-110  
+3+105, o34-110  
+4-110, o36-110  
 +2-110, o39-110  
 +3-110, o34-110  
Tampa Bay
PK-110, o36-110  
St. Louis
Kansas City
 +4-110, o34-110  
New Orleans
PK-110, o35-110  
Green Bay
-6-110, o36-110  
San Diego
San Francisco
+2-110, o36-110  
+3-115, o36-110  
 +3-120, o37-110  


About NFL Football Betting Lines

Learning the basics of the NFL Football lines is quite simple. If you haven't seen professional football lines before, simply look above. We have three different wagers on each of the NFL football games, all of them offering a money line, i.e. the payout you will receive if correct.

 First, we have the point spread line on the football game. The point spread is a handicap given to one of the NFL football teams (respectively taken from the other), expressed in points. For example the -3 point spread on a team means that the team must still win the game if three points are taken from the final score of that same NFL team. If, after taking away the 3 points the final score results in a draw, the bet has no action. The betting line on point spread is usually -110.

 Besides the point spread, we have the "total bet", i.e. betting the lines on the sum of the final scores of both NFL football teams. The payout on the betting line of the NFL football total bet is also usually -110. And at the end, we have the money line bet. The NFL Football betting line is simple - the odds on which team will win the game. The full listings of NFL betting lines can be seen at this friend of hours. Hourly updates of the betting odds offered on the NFL games, stats, injuries and more.

 There is much more to betting the NFL football lines, therefore we have gathered a collection of articles to help you understand this in more depth. All experienced bettors would not require this read, but if you are new to NFL football betting lines, we recommend taking a look, they are located on the right navigation menu of this website. Even more can be learned about the best sports betting sites right here, a guide to finding only the leading sites to place wagers on.